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The BNT Team Undertakes Earthquake Relief Projects in Nepal

The BNT Team Undertakes Earthquake Relief Projects in Nepal

One year ago, on the 25th of April 2015, an earthquake ripped through the country of Nepal leaving devastation in its wake. It left 9,000 people for dead and ended injuring over 21,000 people. The aftershocks of the earthquake continued through April. It affected the country deeply. We at Best Nepal Trekking were also affected. After all, we are based in Nepal. Relief work started quickly and we were there to help as well.

On the Spot Assistance

At Best Nepal Trekking, we began to take steps immediately after the tragedy struck. We sent teams to the affected areas to help the people and relief organizations. Our members took an active part in the relief proceedings.

Our teams helped the people move out from the affected areas and into the designated safe zones. We helped the people remain safe from the aftershocks. Later, we provided food, medicine, tents and terpaulins whereever possible. Our team has many experienced Sherpas who have grown up on the hills of Nepal. They knew exactly what was required to keep the people in their groups safe from the tremors, landslides and rainfall.

Aftermath of the Earthquake

The 2015 earthquake has gone down as one of the worst natural disasters to affect the Himalayan region in recent years. The damage was extensive. Many important monuments were damaged due to the quake including the famed Durbar square in Kathmandu, Boudhanath stupa and most of the ancient world heritage sites.

However, we, the people of Nepal, are hardy and optimistic. Within a few months, we have managed to restore much of the damaged areas. Many of the monuments have been restored while the work being done on others will be over soon. Even the trekking trails are opened fully.

We will thank all the good friends of ours who helped the earthquake victims with generous contribution and other people who helped Nepal in their own way during the time of our crisis. As much of the damage has been repaired, you can start visiting Nepal again to enjoy its beautiful locations.