Responsible Travel Practices

We’d like everyone to have care-free holidays in Nepal but it’s important to be aware of things for your own benefit and that of others. It is Best Nepal Trekking’s mission to travel in a way that conserves the areas we visit and brings positive benefits to the local communities.

Best Nepal Trekking is always worried about the negative impact that tourism has on the environment and local cultures - so here are some practical tips on responsible travel practices.

Protect the environment – its flora, fauna, and landscapes

Preserve the environment and wildlife - help preserve the natural environment for others to enjoy - don’t pick flowers and plants or collect pebbles.

Help to protect endangered species and shop responsibly

Do not buy the products made from endangered species, hardwoods or shells are often illegal.  Don’t support activities that exploit wild animals - swimming with dolphins, watching dancing bear performances, and having your photo taken with lion and tiger cubs, monkeys, or snakes can do and encourage animal cruelty.

Help the local economy by buying local products. Bargaining can be fun but don’t be obsessed with getting the lowest price. Remember how wealthy you are compared to local people in these countries. Always pay fair prices.

Respect local cultures –religions, traditions, and heritage

Research your destination, in order to have a basic understanding of the culture you are about to immerse yourself in, their customs, and what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. Remember you are a guest in the country you are visiting. Be open and respect their way of living and don’t be judgemental.

Observe, but don’t intrude and always ask before taking photographs of people. Think before you give anything to children.

Benefit local communities – both economically and socially

Best Nepal Trekking is a local trekking agency, using local partners, staff, suppliers, and businesses with sustainable philosophies, thus ensuring resources and wealth remain within the country, helping to build Nepal’s economy.

Immediately after the Earthquake on 25 April 2015, our focus was on getting relief to the remote mountain areas of Nepal with the help of clients who are loving Nepal and the people. By the way, our efforts were relatively small, the impact very quickly made a major improvement to many victims' lives. Chhiree Sherpa has been involved to help in the rebuilding program of schools, health posts, houses, and many other projects that have been damaged by the earthquake with coordination of Foundation Topaspiraties of the Netherlands run by famous mountaineer Ms. Katja Staartjes

Conserve natural resources – across all stages of the journey, from planning to destination

Use natural resources sparingly - in many destinations natural resources such as water, wood and fuel are precious. Local people may not have enough for their own needs. Conserve resources in your hotel, lodge, or camp by turning off heating, air conditioning, lights, and other electrical equipment when they are not in use.

Let the staff know if you are happy to re-use towels and bed linen rather than having them replaced daily

Ensure the welfare of staff – fair pay, insurance and the appropriate kit for all our staff

We pay a very fair salary approved by the Nepal Government to the trekking staff and we provide proper insurance for staff that covers medical, accidental insurances, and emergency rescue.

Minimize pollution – through noise and waste disposal

Be environmentally aware. Bottled water is cheap and it’s available in all destinations, but there are no recycling facilities to deal with the plastic bottles left behind. Use your own refillable bottle where possible and treat the water to ensure it is safe to drink.

Leave no trace regardless of whether you are in a rural or urban setting. Respect your surroundings and leave nature where it belongs. Ensure all your rubbish is disposed of appropriately, and if the suitable refuse collection is not available, take it home with you especially batteries.

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