Terms & Conditions

A: To secure the place in the trip, 25 % trip payments from the total trip cost is payable on booking.This deposit  will help us to make confirm reservation of Hotels in Kathmandu, domestic flights and all other trip arrangements for final trip. Along with deposit we need your Passport details as;  
> Full name as written in Passport
> Date of Birth
> Gender
> Occupation
> Nationality
> Passport Number
> Date Of Issue
> Date Of Expiry

B: You must pay your trip cost in full by the day before the trip dates. However, we can request you to make full payment before your arrival, If this is necessary (especially for trips in Tibet, Bhutan and India).

C: The deposits/payments can be made by bank transfer to the following bank and account of our company;
Best Nepal Trekking (P) LTD.
Himalayan Bank, KSK building, 
Tridevi Marg, Thamel
Kathmandu, Nepal 

Current USD Account No:  01906030420031

Note: The Bank wire service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit.


01. A Trek/Tour/Expedition member may cancel his/her participation on the following basis: A refund of 50% of the deposits within 2 months of the trip starting dates. After that there will be no refunds. 50% of the trip cost will be charged for confirmed bookings within 24 hours prior to trip starting dates. NO REFUND for no shows or delay arrivals or whatsoever reason. Trek/Tour/Expedition members should take private insurance if they wish to be covered against cancellation due to medical or personal reason.

02. No refund will be made to clients who drop out from the journey regardless of whatever portions remain unused in the itinerary. In case of the journey broken of early return upon clients own wish or causes, Best Nepal Trekking shall not be liable to any refund of the days not utilized. Clients have to pay for the hotel or any extra costs incurred after leaving the itinerary.

03. The trips will not be cancelled unless we are forced to do so because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances, such as a major natural disaster, major political unrest or war. If we cancel the tour we will promptly refund all payments made to us, i.e. excluding the deposit. We shall not be liable to refund any additional expenses that you may have incurred (such as insurance, visas, vaccinations and other incidental costs).

04. We reserve the right to revise pricing rate posted at our website, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control, for instance changes in exchange rate, government action etc. But we highly effort to keep on the present cost. In case of minor increase in flights fares, hotels or other related factors, we don’t revise the cost of the trip which was already confirmed & booked by deposit.

05. The Guide who represents Best Nepal Trekking, deserves all authority during your trip. If you commit any unlawful act, you are compelled to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such case.

06. We highly advised to the clients to have full insurance against medical, trip cancellation and personal accident risk.

07. To make alterations of any trip itinerary, prior notice is requested. You’re advised to stay in touch with us thus. But occasionally, you may be obliged to do so en route under certain circumstance for instance bad weather etc.

08. we are not answerable for any loss or damage of your luggage or belonging to you even when shouldered by porters, ponies or vehicles. It means your personal possessions, luggage are at your risk at the times.

09. Bad weather in mountainous region can cause domestic flight delays, mostly in Lukla, Jomsom, phaplu, Simikot, Suketar and any other remote parts of Nepal. In the flight delayed days, We will arrange the departing city accommodation costs prior to your trip, if the cost of accommodation is possible to cover by the Budget of that day. Best Nepal Trek reserves the right to redesign treks or use road transportations for extended delays but this changes may impact on the trip cost, which you have to bear. 

10. Trekking in the remote areas or in as described above, especially during odd season, you’re highly advised to reserve extra days to prepare with some delays and avoid frustrating consequence

One piece of soft baggage (duffle bag) not weighting more than 10 kg, plus one carry-on baggage (a 30-40 litre day pack would be ideal).  Lock it up with a strong padlock. Please do not bring a suitcase or a backpack with an external frame.  There is no need to buy an expensive backpack specially for the Trek and Expeditions. 

Trip members should have a moderate level of fitness to enjoy the experienceto its fullest. But people with health issues including asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy and cardiac problems should seek a doctor’s approval before embarking on this journey.

Some trek and Expedition in Nepal involves high altitude and can be strenuous. Simple headache, fever, loss of appetite or stomach disorders can happen before the acclimatization. Altitude sickness, if not treated when symptoms first appear, can lead to death. Often known as AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness, it can ruin a Trek/Expedition and should be treated very seriously. The Himalayan Mountains begin where other mountain ranges end.  As altitude increases, specially above 3,000 metres, the air becomes thinner, creating certain difficulties for the human body. Youth, strength and fitness make no difference here. The only prevention is to give ones body time to adjust to high altitude. Those who go too high too fast are liable to be victims of Acute Mountain Sickness.  To minimize its threat, we recommend following these advice: 

01. Drink adequate fluids.  At 4,300 metres for example, the body requires 3 to 4 litres of liquid a day.  At low altitudes try to drink at least 1 litre a day.

02. Accept the fact that you cannot go very high if your time is short. 

03. Learn to recognize the symptoms of AMS: headache, nausea, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, fluid retention and/or swelling of the body.  The cure is to climb no higher until the symptoms have disappeared. 

04. Do not expect everyone in your group to acclimatize at the same rate.  If you experience such discomforts, tell the accompanying Best Nepal Trekking facilitators immediately. 

05. For the sake of safety, if the trek/tour leader deems it necessary to ask a participant who is suffering from AMS to descend, he will have the authority to do so even though it may go against the will of that Traveler.

We  Best Nepal Trekking (P) Ltd. only employs well-trained, responsible and capable Sherpa staffs that has successfully lead many trips for the American, Asian, European and all other country peoples to this vast region.  Each trip is staffed with an experienced Sherpa Guide who speaks English ensuring a pleasant and smooth journey for the group.  We are committed to providing the best and reliable service for each group for this journey of a lifetime!

We will take the first aid medical kit aswell equipments for treating high altitude sickness including an oxygen cylinder with mask and Gamow bag or PAC(Portable altitude chamber) with group of more than 6 pax.  All travelers are requested to bring their own first aid kit with medicines and supplies recommended by their doctor.

We will make every effort to ensure that your journey is smooth and as pleasant as possible. However, please be reminded that all programs are designed very carefully. Therefore, neither Best Nepal Trek nor its Agent shall be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances including but not limited to:  Government restrictions, landslides, road blockades, flooding, snowfall, political disturbances, flight cancellations, illnesses or accidents.  Any additional costs that are a result of such circumstances will be borne by the travelers.

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