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Why Nepal Is Becoming The Perfect Choice For The Students?

Why Nepal Is Becoming The Perfect Choice For The Students?

Nepal is one such country that is flocked by tourists from all over the world. Well, mainly because it is the home to the world’s highest mountains and also for the numerous adventure and trekking options it holds for the adventure seekers and travelers. For all kinds of trekking enthusiasts Nepal provides the best platform.

Nepal: Various Reasons to Visit for the Students

For the school and college students, trip to Nepal can be a totally new experience or better be said an experience of a lifetime. From superb trekking trails to mountaineering, sightseeing tours to sport adventures, and trekking peak climbing to jungle safari options to exploring the beautiful mountains, etc can become the ideal vacation for the school and college students.

Trekking: It can be a breathtaking experience for the students. It can offer the students a perfect way to experience the unique culture of Nepal, mix with the local people and see how friendly they are, watch out the deep blue sky and the high snow-capped mountains which seems to pierce the horizons, walking by the side of the Great Himalayas. Some of the trekking options which are considered best for the students are Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Poon Hill Trek, and so on.

Educational Experience: A trip to Nepal can be a good educational journey for the students. While trekking to the highest peaks that take you through villages, there you can learn the different cultures of the people. Exploring the history of Nepal that will take the students through some of the oldest cities of Nepal so that you can have a look at the development and the changes the city has undergone.

Sightseeing: The sightseeing tour takes the students to some of the interesting places in Nepal such Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara, Lumbini, etc. It can also include a tour to the historic, heritage, religious, and cultural sites also.

Jungle Safari: Students can take a trip to the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves in Nepal. In fact the students get to explore the rich flora and fauna. A splendid experience for the students will be when they take a jeep or elephant ride to the Chitwan National Park or Parsa Wildlife Reserve in order to go deep into the jungles and view the wildlife from close range. From one-horned rhinos to monkeys, deer to bears can be easily sighted.

Rafting: Several rafting trips are available for the students. For an amateur to experienced rafter, rafting can be a whole new experience that is filled with thrilling adventure and excitement. Students can easily feel the adrenaline rush down their spine while they ride through the strong river current. If you are courageous enough then get ready to ride the fierce rivers of Nepal.

Students can make their trip to Nepal a memorable and highly adventurous one, by tailoring their tour plan according to their schedule. From outdoor adventures to treks, Nepal can be the perfect teacher for all the students and teach them the essence and variety of life in a different landscape.